City : Oslo
State : Oslo
Country: Norway

We are software development experts. We do everything within software development (with the exception of operations). With all respect, we stand out from our competitors in several ways, by offering tailor-made, flexible, AGILE and hybrid teams to, with or for our customers. Our teams are located in the hart of Poznan (Poland) for easy "nearshore" access to resources, easy traveling to and from Norway (and all of northern Europe) and perhaps obvious, reasonable prices. All our teams consists of Senior experts in the fields of software development, cloud migration, deployment, testing , QA, QI, PM and DevOps. We use the latest relevant high quality technology stacks to achieve your goals safe, fast and with excellent results. For relevant reference cases or more info. please visit our websites www.fabres.pl or www.fabres.no Do you need to maintain, refresh, cleanup a mess or build something dazzling new? Let us amaze you! Let's discuss your project