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ObjectSpectrum, LLC

Addison, Texas, United States

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Company Description

ObjectSpectrum is a custom IoT development company that leverages its award-winning Prism™ software to design, develop, and deploy solutions that are higher quality and significantly less expensive, with faster speed to market than anyone in the space. This enables companies of almost any size to drive business value from custom IoT solutions that are secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable. ObjectSpectrum delivers turn-key solutions to its customers, handling the design, development, deployment, and ongoing management of the entire solution. It provides consulting services across all layers of the IoT stack to ensure it is delivering exactly what it promised, on budget, on time, and with the quality its customers expect. By leveraging Prism™ and its rich library of “IoT building blocks”, ObjectSpectrum developers skip the majority of rote coding that is all too common with most development approaches. ObjectSpectrum developers and designers are able to focus on the parts of the solution that create the real value. This is how ObjectSpectrum can boast that its solutions are better, less expensive and take a fraction of the time to build than any of its competitors. Since its founding in 2016, ObjectSpectrum’s undivided attention has been on turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of Things That Work – and work hard – for its clients.

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