Sep 08.2021

Digital twin enables companies to execute COVID guidelines at the office

Digital twin enables companies to execute COVID guidelines at the office

Finnish IoT and product development company Haltian has launched new features in their Empathic Building platform that enable companies to share and execute their COVID guidelines at the office. The features allow users to show their vaccination status on their profile, easy social distancing, and desk booking to avoid crowding at the office.

(Oulu, Finland, 8th September 2021) As the Delta variant continues to spread, several companies have announced that they will demand a ‘Coronapass’ from their employees upon returning to work at the office. Companies like Facebook and Google have announced that they are requiring vaccinations for the people working at their U.S. offices. 
To answer the growing demand of companies needing to execute and visualize their COVID guidelines, Haltian Empathic Building has added several new features to their digital twin platform. Empathic Building users can, for example, add a mask on their avatar that can show their vaccination status. 
“This feature is a voluntary sharing tool that can help people feel safer at the office.” Haltian CEO Pasi Leipälä says. “Of course, every organization creates their own COVID guidelines, and what’s great about Empathic Building, is that it can transform according to customer needs and different situations.” He continues.

COVID has created new needs for offices
According to Leipälä, COVID has created a lot of new needs for offices and companies are now seeking ways to bring people back to the offices in a safe way.
Several Empathic Building customers have taken on the new features in their smart office solution during the ongoing pandemic.
“The desk booking feature has also become popular during COVID even in offices that haven’t needed the feature before,” Leipälä tells. “Some customers have required their workers to book a desk before visiting the office to avoid crowding. Also, many of our customers have created more space between desks by only making every other table available in their digital twin. “ 
Other new features include putting COVID working guidelines to the digital twin and adding time between booking to meeting rooms to allow ventilation. 
“There can be, for example, a 15-minute period between bookings so that the air in the room has time to change before the next people go in,” Leipälä explains.

About Haltian Empathic Building
Haltian Empathic Building focuses on improving employee well-being and happiness. It is a complete and end-to-end smart office solution that combines technology, culture, and physical space into one. It makes the everyday tasks of the end-user easier and simpler, helping them to find the right workspace, colleagues, share information and voice their feelings. Empathic Building also provides valuable data on space utilization, air quality, employee satisfaction and more. More information at

Pasi Leipälä, CEO & co-founder, Haltian,, +358405434579

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