Dec 21.2022

How IoT Is Transforming The Way We Live With Our Pets

How IoT Is Transforming The Way We Live With Our Pets

If you're in the pet tech industry, you know that Internet of Things (IoT) technology advancements have been changing how we interact with our pets. With ever-improving connectivity and automation, IoT has enabled us to make better decisions for our furry friends through personalization and convenience features explicitly optimized for their needs. From tracking collars that monitor their whereabouts to smart feeders delivering food automatically, it's clear that IoT is redefining the experience of pet ownership — including what it means to be a responsible caretaker.

Many home automation systems, such as Apple HomeKit, now offer compatibility with various IoT devices specifically designed for pets. For example, you can now use home automation systems to control automatic feeders or check up on your pet via connected cameras throughout the day—all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet!  In this blog post, we'll look at three innovative advancements in pet tech brought about by IoT and how companies use it to create more fulfilling experiences for pets and their owners.

A Brief History

Before the Internet of Things (IoT), Pet tech was different. There were no smart home gadgets, no sensors that could be connected to the internet to monitor and adjust your home environment. But pet tech has been around for decades—and it's come a long way since then.

The first pet technologies were simple devices designed to make life easier for pet owners. They included automatic feeders and waterers, litter boxes with built-in sensors to detect when they needed to be emptied, and heated beds that kept cats warm in the winter months. While these devices were undoubtedly helpful, they all operated independently of one another—there was no way to connect them or use them in tandem with other devices.

Role of IoT in Pet Ownership

Pet owners now have access to an ever-growing variety of smart pet care products. From automatic feeders to automated litter boxes, there is a gadget for every task that comes with owning a pet. So, how is pet technology intertwined with IoT improving pet ownership?

1. Smart Collars and Trackers

The most popular way IoT has changed pet ownership is by providing pet owners with new ways to track their pet's activity and whereabouts. As a result, smart collars and GPS trackers have become increasingly common among pet owners who want to keep a closer eye on their beloved animals. These collars and trackers provide data about your pet’s location and physical activity level, heart rate, temperature, and other vital stats. With this data, you can ensure that your beloved pet is always safe and healthy.

2. Remote Monitoring Services

In addition to tracking your pet's activity level remotely, IoT technologies have also enabled you to monitor your home remotely when you're away from your pet. This means that if something happens at home while you're out or away on vacation, you can check in on what's going on immediately, thanks to cameras that can be accessed through your phone or computer. You'll receive notifications if any abnormal activities occur in your home so you can take immediate action if necessary. This peace of mind is invaluable for responsible pet owners who want to ensure their pets are always taken care of, even when they’re not around.

3. Data-Driven Health Care Solutions

Finally, thanks to IoT technology, veterinarians can now access data-driven healthcare solutions that help them give pets better treatment plans tailored to each animal's needs. Data collected via smart collars or trackers can provide valuable insights into a particular animal's diet, sleep patterns, exercise habits, and other essential details that could be useful in diagnosing potential health issues or illnesses early on before they become major problems. This allows vets to serve their patients better and offer more personalized treatments for each unique animal patient.

4. Animal Rescue capabilities

IoT technologies have also positively impacted animal rescue efforts by making it easier for people to find rescue animals that are right for them! Companies such as BarkBuddy use IoT technology to match potential adopters with available rescue animals based on size, breed, age, and more criteria. This makes it easier for rescues to find loving homes for all animals – including those who may have been overlooked due to specific physical characteristics or behavioral traits in the past!

The Future of Pet Tech

The pet industry is booming; according to a survey by the National Pet Owners, around 70% of U.S. households, or approximately 90.5 million families, own a pet, and with it are opportunities to innovate. From personalized treat dispensers and automatic brushing services to self-cleaning litter boxes and interactive robot companions, IoT in pet tech has revolutionized the way we interact with our pets. Companies can now conveniently provide quality products that will make life easier for pets and owners. By understanding current trends within the space, suppliers and manufacturers of these cutting-edge products will be better equipped to seize on untapped market growth opportunities—allowing them to maximize their reach and establish a foothold in future markets as demand continues skyrocketing!

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