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K-2 IoT Tracker with K-Box+

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Product Summary

Kizy’s K-2 Tracker together with the K-Box+, are a convenient and affordable solution for long-term remote tracking. The K-Box+ has been designed to specifically meet global tracking and supply chain visibility needs of the container and equipment rental industries. It is an extension for the K-2 Tracker and has been developed for the purposes of prolonged autonomy (up to 3 years) and extra protection (from shock and water) for the tracker. The K-Box+ is built with a size that fits perfectly onto the indentation of the container's wall and can be easily attached with its strong magnets. External waterproofed plugs support extra sensors, like sensors for temperature tracking, further boosting tracking performance on just one device. The Kizy K-Box+ uses mobile networks and WiFi for communication and works reliably even within buildings and metallic environments, making it a convenient and affordable solution for real-time tracking over long periods.

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