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Smart Radiator Controller - Vicki (LoRaWAN®)

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Price range: $77
Product Summary

MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN is a thermostatic radiator valve used to control and monitor heating/cooling radiators in commercial and residential buildings. Technical details Product name: MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN Sensors: Temperature and Humidity Communication protocol: LoRaWAN v1.0.1, Class A device Compatibility: Default fitting - M30x1,5mm, RA, RAV, RAVL, Oras Power supply: 2xAA 1,5V Battery life: 10+ years tested with Energyzer Alkaline Power Operating voltage: v1 - 3,7VDC-2,7VDC; v2 - 3,7VDC - 1,6VDC Display: 2 digits LED matrix display Control: Adjustable target temperature from the device Colour: White Additional features: - Child Lock - Open Window Detection Operating modes: 1. Offline mode - the device is not connected to the network, internal temperature control algorithm enabled 2. Online automatic - set target temperature, internal temperature control algorithm enabled 3. Online manual control - valve position is determined by the network, internal temperat

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