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Price range: $370 - $470
Product Summary

An IoT device that incorporates the integration of a variety of sensors to capture any information from its environment and transmit it to the Internet. You can use tremor in your projects as a company or in your solutions as an end user. MAIN FEATURES: – It has a catalog of more than 50 different sensors to connect them. -Radio technologies: WiFi, EGPRS, LTE-M (4G), Nb-IoT, SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, Ethernet(LAN), LoRa, Zigbee, WiFiMESH and Bluetooth/BLE. – Compatibility with the main CLOUD platforms: AWS IoT (Amazon), Azure IoT (Microsoft), Telegram, ThingSpeak, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, MQTT* and others. -Custom programming included for each solution. – Updates via WiFi or 4G. – It can be powered by solar panel or USB. – Weather protection (IP65). – Artificial intelligence to develop predictive models based on sensor measurements. -Peripherals included: SD card, Ethernet and SPI protocols, UART, SDI12, I2S and I2C. -Integrated accelerometer and hall effect sensors. – Ultra low power

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