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Company Name : ObjectSpectrum, LLC
City: Addison
State: Texas
Country United States
Status Active

Reflection is an "any to any" data transport, offered as a hosted SaaS solution. It allows anything to communicate with anything, and includes protocol and payload translation, data enrichment and redaction, encryption, and monitoring. Optimized for IoT and IIoT messaging, which generally have high volumes of relatively short packets, Reflection allows for easy integration of both new and legacy devices and equipment to virtually any cloud service or software. Dozens of industry-standard communications protocols and payload formats are supported, but new ones are quickly and easily added, free of charge. Some examples of included protocols are HTTP, MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, TCP sockets, UDP datagrams, and many more, along with their encrypted variants. Payload formats include CSV, JSON, XML, Protocol Buffers, and raw binary, just to name a few. In addition, Reflection includes pre-built integrations to third party cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google, PubNub, and Twilio.