MachNation IoT Test Environment - User Experience (MIT-E UX)

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Company Name : MachNation
City: Harrisburg
State: NC
Country United States
Status Active

MIT-E UX, MachNation’s IoT platform UX testing service, helps IoT platform vendors differentiate and market their platform and services based on the unique capabilities and usability strengths of their platform. MachNation shows these strengths by building a proof-of-concept (PoC) using the IoT platform vendor’s solution. In MIT-E UX, MachNation developers Collaboratively pick a relevant IoT proof-of-concept (PoC). The PoC should be something that a typical enterprise customer would do with a vendor’s IoT platform. It should be use case-specific and can include edge and cloud components. Identify the evaluation categories and tasks required to build the PoC. MachNation developers use the MIT-E methodology to identify the tasks and evaluation categories associated with building the PoC. Build the PoC twice. MachNation developers build the PoC twice – once using the vendor’s IoT platform and once using a competing IoT platform. Score each task and evaluation category.