Urban air quality sensors & Environmental Intelligence Cloud

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Company Name : Breeze Technologies
City: Hamburg
State: Hamburg
Country Germany
Status Active

Breeze Technologies' air quality sensors measure the most common air pollutants and climate indicators every 30 second (Temperature, Humidity, CO, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, VOCs, O3). Data can be transmitted to the Breeze Environmental Analytics Cloud through various wireless standards, including WiFi, LTE and LoRa. The data is calibrated through the ground-breaking Adaptive Cloud Calibration Engine, increasing data quality and accuracy. The Environmental Intelligence Cloud helps customers to interpret historic and real-time sensor data even without extensive knowledge in environmental sciences. The platform offers insights which situations are critical and need to be surveyed more extensively. Based on a catalogue of more than 3,500 clean air actions, decision-makers are offered actionable insights how to improve challenging air quality situations. The platform has open APIs to integrate the data into other systems.