The Bubble Badge

Hardware & Devices Health Security
Company Name : Proxemy
City: Rotterdam
State: Zuid Holland
Country Netherlands
Status Active

Bubble is a tiny wearable device that gives you feedback whenever another Bubble is detected within 1.5m or 6ft. Accurate & Affordable: The accuracy of most wireless technologies, like bluetooth, is affected by absorption through the human body. In the case of social distancing, accuracy matters. So we doubled down on finding a better solution, and ... we did! Bubble turned out as accurate as Ultra Wideband, but as affordable as Bluetooth. Easy to use: The Bubble works right out of the box. No need to install risky & tricky software or configure anything. You can just take a Bubble and wear it on a lanyard, safety vest or bracelet. The entire user experience is designed to be easy, empowering, and unobtrusive. It’s all about trust & freedom: As an organization you want to empower your people, or customers, to do the right thing, not police them. The Bubble does not collect any data and the user cannot be traced. That's what we can privacy-by-design!