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DP-IoT offers a complete, flexible, end-to-end IoT ecosystem. The solution consists of sensor technology, a ready-to-use network, servers and applications. With the DP-IoT ecosystem, companies can trace, track, monitor and remotely control assets and processes in their green solutions. DP-IoT designs the ecosystem based on the customer’s specific needs. The company’s services range from providing optimal IoT sensors and network solutions with edge computing to conducting R&D and licensing products and software. The DP-IoT network-connected sensors provide real-time data on crucial metrics such as GPS/GNSS geolocation, 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, temperature, humidity, moisture, CO₂, particulate matter, ultrasound, airborne chemicals (VOC), pressure, lumen, UV light, infrared, and 3-axis magnetometer. The DP-IoT battery-driven sensors, beacons, trackers and gateways combine the latest, long-range wireless networking technologies offered by 5G/LTE narrowband and low-energy Bluetooth (BLE). Read more about DP-IoT’s Intrack multipurpose IoT sensor and edge controller and using Bluetooth BLE 5 local area network with Intrack gateways.

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