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IExec Blockchain Tech

Lyon, Rhone Alpes, France

IExec Blockchain Tech webpage

Company Description

IExec is the first-ever Decentralized Marketplace for Cloud Computing Ressources. iExec offers a decentralized network that gives distributed applications (dapps) access to trusted off-chain computation and data. It provides DApps with scalable, secure, and easy access to the services, data-sets, and computing resources they need. iExec is considered a leader in Confidential Computing. By providing international expertise in Confidential Computing opens the door to a wide range of business opportunities (Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, 5G/Smart City). By combining, Blockchain expertise as a chair member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Confidential Computing expertise as a chair member of CCC (Computing Consortium), iExec offers a unique solution to companies who need a secure and reliable solution for their business.

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