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MatchX GmbH

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Company Description

MatchX offers reliable, long-distance, wireless LoRaWAN networking solutions for your IoT project. MatchX weather-resistant, outdoor gateways create a reliable low-cost network. Just 8-10 MatchX gateways are enough to cover an average-sized city, one gateway can provide connectivity for literally tens of thousands of sensor devices. LoRa sensors are ultra-low power and can run 10+ years with a single battery. At MatchX, we combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge with LoRa to achieve energy-efficient and privacy-preserving AI sensors for Smart City use cases. The device is called EdgeX. It opens completely new opportunities for deploying LoRaWAN. Offline learning, small dataset required, no need for cloud significantly reduced costs. The first LPWAN + AI technology that respects GDPR, enabling the technology to be used in a variety of public places.

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